Ippo japan watch -  2020/06/10

The New and Updated Marine Master SBDX033 Review article

Seiko is well known as a brand that produces some of the best dive watches in the watch industry. Seiko a Japanese watch giant beefed up their game in 2020. They are expanding the Prospex collection of watches by adding variations of their dive watches.
Seiko started their dive watches production in 1965. It all started with a letter from a diver. The professional diver noted that when diving in depths more than 300 meters, most watches don’t make it. They get damaged. Seiko responded by establishing a diving watch development team and after years of research and development, they came up with the world’s first Professional Diver’s watch.


Listed Price: 330,000 JPY
Made in Japan
Dial: Black
Case: Stainless steel/ PVC coat Silicone band
Crystal: Sapphire with Anti-reflective coating
Bezel indication board: Ceramics
Water proof: 300 m water resistance for mixed-gas diving.
Lumi Bright: hands and makers/ Anti-magnetic
Diameter: 44.3 mm (without the crown)/ Thickness: 15.4 mm
Bezel: Rotating with anti-reverse spin function
Crown: Screw-down crown
MAX wrist size xxcm/ xx inch
600 pcs Limited Edition

The first watch was the 150M Diver’s a self-winding watch.

They made the second one the Diver’s 300M with the highest world standards of the hi-beat caliber increasing the number of vibrations per second in the balance. Since then, Seiko has done intense improvements on their dive watches. In 1986 for example, they introduced the world’s first Diver’s 1000M that has a ceramic outer case. Ten years later, they introduced the Scuba Master with an auto analog depth calculating gauge.
Seiko has had a half century of dive watch innovations and development. Seiko’s diver watches are used all over the world and in different situations. All along, the timepiece has proven its worthy by withstanding harsh environment getting praises from professional divers across the globe.

This year, Seiko introduces the SBDX033/SLA035J1 which is a variation of the Marine master. As part of the Seiko prospex, this watch comes limited in 600 pieces and as a black edition watch. The Black Series Limited Edition diver watches introduced in the market include the SBDX033, SBDC095, and SBDL065. From the marine master, we have the Sumo which is limited in 7000 pieces and the solar chronograph limited in 3500 pieces.

The SBDX033 is a staple for professional divers. It now comes with a ceramic bezel, an updated dial, and a sapphire crystal and to top it all, it’s now remastered in all black. The Marine master is now better, has increased legibility but still retains the saturation diving capabilities and a monocoque case. The black ceramic bezel and hard black coating match giving the watch a sleek look. Two variations are well visible on the new Marine master. The second hand and the red depth rating. As we mentioned earlier, the color red is absorbed in water at deep levels. Seiko addressed the red color issue on the new Marine master. They did it intentionally for the second hand and the red depth rating to disappear when at depth as red has limited penetration through water. The reason for this is to avoid distractions and easier legibility. The eye isn’t distracted from the main hands. Critics would say the second hand is needed to confirm the watch is working under water. This is why Seiko introduced a luminous pip on the second hand. All this improves legibility deep under water.

The previous model of the Marine master was discontinued and this ruffled some feathers. The introduction of this updated model has divers eying it for updates and added details and it doesn’t disappoint. The new model has the same big 44.3 monobloc case that has a coin edge profile and a raised unidirectional bezel. The case retains an angular shape couple with sharp lugs finished with Zaratsu polishing as an update. Another update is in the bezel. It’s now ceramic made and inside is the Seiko’s caliber 8L35.
The steel unscratchable case is now brushed and polished black with Seiko’s hard coating. The case is now water resistant to a pressure of 300mm and the dial is protected by a sapphire crystal. The base of the dial is unchanged while the WR rating and the second hand getting a red update from the gold color on the previous model. This as compared to the previous version are better as explained by Seiko. 

The Marine master is the most exclusive and expensive of the three in the Black Series edition. Behind this and other diver’s watch selected by divers globally, Seiko has engineers and an entire development team devoted to developing the best diver watches with innovative technology, sleek design and finesse. Seiko has made the marine master as the best and favorite diver’s watch with water resistance, impermeability and significant innovation proving to be the best and a world class watch. To preserve their authenticity and uniqueness of all their products, Seiko has resulted to making numerous patents, suing unique materials and creative designs as well.
The true diver’s watch is what motivates Seiko in all its innovations in watch making. The new Marine master SBDX033 is what you can call a true and favorite of all diver’s watches worldwide.